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Counselling/Psychotherapy Appointment, through our Partner MHAT

Guaranteed Measurable Personal Transformation for Working Professionals and Adolescents


Wheel of Life Coaching for Effectiveness for Managers, Teachers, Parents and others 

As Simple as A, B & C

A - Click on Appropriate Coaching

Select the type of engagement you’d like to have in order to learn leadership and employment ready skills 

B - Select Date and Time

Select a time suitable to you and the project manager who understand your aspirations and advise you on the suitable project.

C - Confirm Appointment

Confirm your appointment by giving basic details and payment information. You will receive a confirmation on your email. 

Leading the Self

Good Leaders have integrity, empathy and a range of skills that makes them influential. The program teaches and helps the young ones practice these skills

Leading Teams

Leading Teams is the next critical attribute for leaders, once they learn how to lead themselves. The range of connected competencies are taught in a project context. 

Leading Organizations

Only Leaders who are able to lead and manage themselves and their teams will be able to effectively lead organizaitons. Strong foundational competencies for this are covered in the program. 


Interactions between the type of work, the organizational and managerial environment, the skills and competencies of employees, and the support available for employees to carry out their work poses a lot of risk to employees and organizations. Saarathi offers Corporate Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching services for a productive and happy workplace. 


We require self awareness as well as skills to be effective in the various roles we play –  be they that of a parent, a child, a partner, a colleague or boss. Saarathi offers blended courses that involve self-learning as well as interaction with experts, to develop adeptness at understanding one self as well as in being effective in the various roles we play.

Events and Talks

Saarathi conducts online and in-person workshops devoted to furthering the cause of being kind and helpful humans in the roles we play. You may check out the events section for upcoming events. You may also request an online or in-person events on a topic of interest such a parenting, postpartum depression, aging etc for your group, school, college or club. 

About Us

Why Saarathi  – Our Purpose

It is not easy to live a human life! We face challenges right from the time we are born, and they keep visiting us all through our lives. These may be related to challenges in daily living, such as in the roles and relationships we play – a child, a parent or partner, or they can be related to our not being able to learn, grow or perform, such as at school or work. They may also be deep rooted psychological issues emerging from unmet needs…

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