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Training, Talent and Tech for Social Good 

Highly efficient  Training, Talent and Technology solutions to help social sector organizations enhance the quality, reach and effectiveness of their services

Innovation and Synergy

Saarathi brings together Social Sector Organizations, Youth and Tech innovators on a single platform for meaningful goal-oriented engagement leading to the generation of dramatic impact for the marginalized sector as well as the creation of thoughtful leaders for tomorrows world

Three Problems – One Solution!

Challenges for Social Sector Organizations

Social Sector Organizations offer exemplary service to disadvantaged populations. However, they constantly need to increase the quality, accessibility, efficacy, and scope of their services.  For this, they require Competent professionals who can successfully undertake and complete a variety of initiatives. They also require Innovative Technology as well as continuing training in leadership, management, and soft skills for their current workforce.

Challenges for Young People

In order to find and thrive in their dream jobs, young people must demonstrate familiarity with and competence in dealing with the complexities of real-world work scenarios. This includes both foundational cognitive skills such as reading for information, applied mathematics, locating information, problem solving, and critical thinking, as well as noncognitive soft skills, behavioral traits, and leadership skills. This is often to be developed in a non-threatening work environment with the support of a coach or mentor.

Challenges at the World of Work

With mental health issues on the rise globally, workplaces require competent and caring leaders who are actually available for their employees, see them as humans, listen empathetically, demonstrate genuine respect, are genuinely interested in people, understand them well, listen appreciatively, and engage in candid conversations. These leaders often care about the world and are devoted to helping marginalised people. The world needs a growing number of such leaders.


Training and Coaching for the Social Sector

Training for staff and stakeholders that combine digital learning tools with virtual face to face interventions on leadership, management, soft skills and self-development. The coach engages learners in context based, application oreinted activities, assignments and clarifying discussions which contributing to deepening the learning.

Trained Interns and Volunteers for the Social Sector

Bringing high-quality new age talent to social sector organizations through Interns who with the help of a Coach will define various project  deliverables, timelines, milestones and tasks, gain agreement and help in execution and reporting on these projects thereby giving you an able extra hand.

Digital Transformation for the Social sector

Saarathi offers super efficient solutions for social sector organizations from website, emails, mobile and cloud based apps, analytics, events and appointment management, virual meetings and digital learning in soft skills and leadership skills

Internship, Vounteering and Coaching and Training for Youth

Saarati offers individuals, high quality leadership and soft skills training and Coaching in social sector job contexts to them learn the nuances of actual work setting while involving them in projects that are creating impact in the society.

Better Humans for a Better World

Best-in-class training on a range of soft skills and leadership competencies involving not only digital tools to give flexibility and ease in taking the training but also coach-led interventions, group reflective exercises and gamified elements in order to enhance the fun and adoption!

Apps and Analytics

Saarathi brings to you world class apps and analyltics software custom designed for the social sector so that you can not only make life easier for your employees and clients but also can measure and report the impact you are making with cutting edge AI based analytics. 


Recent Case Studies


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  • IT communication infrastructure
  • Website Design & Development
  • Apps
  • Analytics

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Sajan Nair

Director Digital Transformation, MHAT

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Vijay Nair

Founder & CEO, Enabling Self Reliance

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Arshad Nadamal

Founder Director, Elevate Management Consultancy

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