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A beacon of peace and direction for youth

Mission Vision & Values

What is Saarathi?

Growing up, building a future, finding meaning, becoming job-ready, and other obstacles that young people confront might make them feel stagnant or even overwhelmed. They also have to deal with the obstacles of integrating into a world that is undergoing extraordinary change, as well as the challenges of recuperating from a physical or mental health crisis these days.

Saarathi Coaching helps young people in developing life skills, building confidence, setting and attaining objectives, managing stress, and handling difficult challenges

What do we do?

Saarathi leverages tried-and-true coaching techniques to help young people discover their potential, find meaning, set goals, and make measurable progress toward them. While teaching youngsters work ethics, professional skills, and leadership abilities, there is always an underlying focus on teaching the values of kindness, thoughtfulness, and care. The objective is to guide them in leading more meaningful and fulfilled lives while also making significant contributions to their communities and the planet.

How we do it?

The Coach will use the Wheel of Life and Visioning tools plus the GROW framework to assist your adolescents in identifying, establishing and making progress toward their goals. They can also choose from a variety of NGO Projects, which they will be guided through over subsequent sessions. Sessions, also generate a shared insight on challenges they face and the attitudes and beliefs they hold, which helps in figuring out what steps they need to take to move forward. Relevant blended training is delivered and innovative technology in key areas. 

Saarathi also assists troubled youths and those recovering from mental illness in getting back on track. Young people can also use the coaching sessions to seek support to deal with challenging or embarrassing situations. 

Who is a Saarathi?

A Saarathi is a Coach who subscribes to the values of wisdom, kindness and care. They can help you in dealing with issues concerning your roles, goals, mind, body, mind as well your relationship with yourself and the world in a thoughtful, respectful and non-judgemental way.  

A brave insight, a gentle wish…

“Four givens are particularly relevant for psychotherapy – the inevitability of death for each of us and for those we love; the freedom to make our lives as we will; our ultimate aloneness; and, finally, the absence of any obvious meaning or sense to life.”

Dr. Irvin Yalom

Core Values


An all-encompassing feeling of care that is nondiscriminatory, causeless and consistent.


A warrior like zest be aware of and bring alignment between one’s thoughts, words and actions

Unconditional Positive Regard

A commitment to not judge people but rather regard them positively irrespective of their backgrounds.


A caring commitment to experience the universe or others, that is rooted in kindness


A belief that fundamentally all beings are equal, irrespective of the roles we play or the labels we bear

Key Features

Wise Professionals

Customized to the Individual

Holistic Development

Tried and Tested Tools

NGO Projects

Location and Time Agnostic

Leadership Development

Blended Learning

Employment Skills

Searchable Database

Digital Matters

Affordable and convenient


High flexibility

Ongoing Access/Support



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