Meet the Saarathi Team consists of a team of humans united by the values of a deep care and empathy for people in pain. It is not easy to live a human life. Each day millions of people wake up and shoulder humongous burdens, of uncertainty, doubt and painful emotions attributable to a range of reasons: psychological, physical, social, personal, work, financial etc. People are in greatest need for supportive conversations during such times. Thus they often reach out to experienced and expert professionals. However expertise and experience are not sufficient in itself.  At Saarathi you meet professionals who are committed to the Saarathi values which are more likely to ensure that the conversations happen in a setting of thoughtfulness, kindness and care, thereby guiding individuals through a road to recovery. Read More


Our Partners

Mental Health Action Trust (MHAT)

MHAT is a Charitable Trust, based in Kozhikode, Kerala, which provides good quality, comprehensive mental health care to the poorest sections of the population with severe mental disorders.

e-Sri - Enabling Self Reliance

e-Sri is in the business of supporting individuals from the vulnerable population to make a living so they are able to be gainfully employed, empowered and are able to regain their confidence. It is an Amazon for the vulnerable. 

UrbanCure - Care Matters

UrbanCure consists of doctors who care. These doctors can be contacted online and an appointment booked as well as seen anytime of the day. These healthcare professionals are constantly learning values of love, equality, unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy

Sreyas - Learning for Good

Mukthi.Space educates individuals on various skills in the context of the values of love, equality, unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy with the purpose of teaching people to do good with increasing selflessness so they are able to experience real freedom

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