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Our ability to retain our mental balance and find peace as we journey through life depends on various factors. These include our innate capacity to naturally adapt, environmental factors of our past and present, as well as our individual life experiences and learnings therefrom. Often things go off hand and we feel the need for a perspective and/or advise of a trusted, wise and caring friend. Saarathi’s goal is to be that friend. Saarathi aims to offer value to people seeking help to deal with emotional and mental health issues by offering professional counseling services online.

Counseling can help you deal with a range of challenges. They may be relatively simple ones such as finding or committing to a direction in your life, maximizing your potential, dealing with low mood etc. It can also help you manage your emotions or take decisions you are more likely to be happy with, as you deal with significant life events such as getting married, starting a family, leaving home or coping with the passing of a loved one.

Sometimes deep-seated mental health issues may emerge from the effects on our mind from past painful experiences, childhood issues, abuse, trauma, genetic factors, addiction, relationship issues or sustained stress. Counselling has proven to be a powerful tool to help you in any of these cases.

The submenus under the services section describe some of the most common conditions which benefit from counseling. However, for a more accurate assessment of your specific situation and advise for a  treatment plan, you need to contact a counselor. Don’t be afraid to reach out whatever your concerns. Therapists deal with people facing a wide range of issues.

Saarathi works with people of all faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations and approaches to life.


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Benefits of Saarathi

  • Digital: Saarathi Online counseling is the digital equivalent of face to face counseling.  Being digital it is a more affordable, convenient and discrete way of receiving therapy.
  • Anywhere Access: With Saarathi Online counseling you don’t have to worry if there isn’t a professional therapist within your city limits. Irrespective of where you are, a licensed professional counselor reaches you.
  • Relationship Focused: Saarathi Online counseling values your relationship with your counselor. Therefore, should you feel a “disconnect” with your counselor for any reason, you have the option to request for a change.
  • Free from Stigma: Often, because of the stigma surrounding mental health, people are either hesitant to set a therapy appointment or too reluctant to show up even if they did set a date. With Saarathi, there are zero concerns of stigma.
  • Freedom: Saarathi helps you avail the therapy in a private place of your choice and at a time of your convenience.
  • Flexibility: If you’re working full-time, chances are you have very little personal time set aside for a face to face appointment. With Saarathi, you can receive help 24/7 or even while you are on-the-go.
  • Just in Time: Also, with pre-arranged appointments, you need to wait to be able to share your concerns with the therapist. However, Saarathi enables you to log in and share your concerns anytime since it includes offline chat.
  • Multiple Options: It also comes with the option of scheduling live therapy sessions through live text chat, video, and audio.
  • Secure: Saarathi also addresses concerns over privacy and confidentiality by offering you the option to remain anonymous through signing-up using an alias or a dummy email account.
  • Peace of Mind: Moreover, you have exclusive access to your profile, which only you and your therapist can access, your chat sessions are secure, and you can delete all history if you so choose.

Saarathi makes high-quality therapy highly affordable through offering you unlimited access to therapists via text, audio, and video chat.