Sajan Nair

Sajan has over 27 years of experience in conceptualizing, designing and executing learning and development strategies aimed at delivering customer-focused sales and service initiatives. His expertise is predominantly in the area of sales, customer service, soft skills and leadership training. He has worked in diverse work settings including defense, telecom, insurance and banking. He presently heads the Oman and Bahrain Operations of XpertLearning – a multi-national Talent Management consultancy based out of Dubai in which role, he helps client organizations define, operate and optimize their Talent Management strategies. He has presented his views on a range of topics including eLearning, leadership and social entrepreneurship at conferences and interviews within and out of Oman. Sajan also is one of the key Ambassadors of Toastmasters Internationals, Pathways educational program. He is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Leadership Coach (MSSCC), Global Leader of the Future Assessor (GLOF) and has a certification in Social Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business School. Further, he has a master’s in Personnel Management & Human Resource Development as well as a BA in Public Administration. His vision is to create workplaces vibrant with meaning, creativity, and harmony and aims at inspiring passion for learning by delighting people with the joys of new perspectives. His interest in the space of mental health emerges from his personal experiences as well as that of his loved ones and friends.