Saarathi life giving Conversations

Resolve Interpersonal Conflicts
and Communication Issues at Work

Saarathi Life Giving Conversations

Discuss your Mental Health Issues with Trusted Experts

Saarathi Life Giving Conversations

 Improve your Performance at Work

Book a Counselling or Coaching Appointment 

(For Employees from Partner Companies)

 Employees require Counselling and Coaching 

In a fast-paced, stressful world, it is usual for employees to be struggling with stress related to workplace or personal issues. These problems can affect their work performance through lowered productivity levels, increased absenteeism and tense relationships with coworkers.


Employees suffer from Mental Health Issues


Employees worried about an Uncertain Future


Employees stressed by Performance Appraisal


Stressed by Task and Deadlines

Source: Survey by The7thFold 

What employees Say

How can you help your employees regain and sustain their emotional balance and sense of well-being?

An effective solution is to avail the Saarathi Employee Empowerment Program that includes Counselling and Coaching sessions that employees can avail any time they require throughout the course of the year. 

  • Felt their Counsellor could help them 74% 74%
  • Happy with overall experience of Counselling 75% 75%
  • Would repeat Counselling in the future if needed 88% 88%
  • Felt their issue had been resolved by Counselling 38% 38%
  • Likely to recommend Counselling to others 88% 88%

Source: Truth Counselling Newcastle 

Benefits for Organizations

Improved Performance

Increased Productivity

Decreased Abseentism

Decreased Employee Turnover

Increased Happiness Quotient

Increased Passion for Work

Benefits for Employees

Easy Access

Easy access to trained counselors

Safe Place

A safe space to talk about their problems

    Better Understanding

    Coping Skills

    Establishing or improving coping skills


    Developing effective solutions to personal and work challenges

    Saarathi Life-Giving Conversations

    Employee Wellness Program 

    The Saarathi Employee Empowerment Program is where your employees can book Counselling and Coaching appointments round the clock.  This provides your employees with a safe place to discuss any issues they’re struggling with either virtually or by phone or face-face* with an experienced and expert Psychotherapist, Counsellor or Coach.


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