Founder’s Message –
"Saarathi’s desires to be an instrument of peace in the world by fostering wisdom and helping people live a harmonious life."

Saajan Nair


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sajan nair


As we go through life, we face problems in the various domains of our lives (personal, work, relationships etc) and we often desperately need assurance, clarity, direction and peace. The natural choice in such situations is for us to seek the support of someone closest to us, someone in our “inner circle” of friends and loved ones.

However more often than not, it is the individuals in this very inner circle, comprising of parents, spouses, friends, teachers, adult children etc., who inadvertently end up aggravating the loneliness and pain of suffering individuals, because of impatience, a thoughtless word, or judgement.   

As a result, many people are left feeling lonely, burdened with unresolved questions, doubts and fears, afraid that if they were to share, they would be judged.

When we find ourselves in such a situation, we can usually benefit from walking a distance with a wise,  thoughtful,  and authentic human – a being who has life experiences, one who would not judge but instead hold our interest in the forefront of their mind as they listen to us and help us reflect as they kindly guide us on the right path. is to help us become such a humans by teaching wisdom and helping skills in a range of settings and to further facilitate the availability of these skills in the service of people by primarily using technology.