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Saarathi is an online counseling platform. It is a place where you, a friend or a loved one can receive help in facing life’s challenges with the help of a professional therapist. The service is confidential, easy and affordable. Saarathi helps you reach out to expert guides at any time in the day, at any place of your choice (from the comfort of your living room, from a cafeteria etc.) through any devise (a PC, Laptop, tablet or cell phone).
Saarathi’s mission is to be a force to alleviate emotional pain and create freedom for people struggling with various issues that afflict the mind. Several problems related to stigmas, affordability, accessibility or convenience often prevents people face such issues from being able to receive professional, caring, and helpful guidance. Saarathi’s values are to serve the universal spirit of friendship, love and compassion by being there for people in the form of a wise friend who is continually committed to the values of integrity or congruence, who strives to understand what the other is going through with unconditional positive regard and empathy. For this we believe that the experts offering these services have to not only have the expertise, qualifications and experience but also have a high commitment to Saarathi’s values. Therefore, we have a stringent process after which counsellors are empaneled at Saarathi. Further to this our role is to build and maintain this platform so that the selected experts in the field of counselling, therapy and coaching are able continually offer value to needy client’s through offering them guidance and support.
People avail the services of Saarathi in order to either understand what’s going on with them in the context of mental/emotional health, relationship issues, to seek freedom from these issues with the help of a therapist, to achieve clarity and direction in the context of life goals so they are able to break free from limiting habits/habits that don’t serve them and cultivate habits that do, so that they are able to live a meaningful, fulfilling and successful life. The mental and emotionally distressing issues for which people reach out to Saarathi include issues related to depression, anxiety, OCD, relationship, parenting, children, addictions etc. Saarathi. Please visit the services page for a detailed list of issues and their descriptions.
Saarathi is not the right solution in case you are having thoughts of causing harm to yourself or others, if you are not yet 18 years of age, are under the care of a legal guardian, are in a crisis situation or a situation requiring emergency attention, if you have been diagnosed with severe mental illness, if you have been advised to be under supervision/psychiatric care, if the therapy or counselling is being sought because of legal advice or based on advise from any other individual or entity.
The Therapists and Coaches on Saarathi are highly experienced professionals with relevant qualifications in coaching and counselling. Every one of them have a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate Degree in their field. While their experience, skill and foundation differ, they all have no less than 3 years and 2,000 hours of hands-on experience. Click here to visit the experts page.
After you register at Saarathi and check out, we will receive the responses you have submitted. Following this, our experts will take a look at your responses and further analyze them in order to determine who might be the most suitable professional experienced in dealing with the challenges, goals, and issues you are facing. A selected expert will then be assigned to you. You will also have an option to change your helping professional should you feel the need to for the same. You can use the feedback link on your profile page for this.
You need to have an internet connection as well as device that can connect the internet (pc, laptop, tablet or phone) in order to be able to access the services offered by Saarathi. .
The professionals who work through Saarathi are licensed and credentialed therapists who are certified to provide therapy and counseling services. However, while the service may have similar benefits, it is not the exact equivalent of a face-to-face therapy. For example, your counsellor will not be able to make any official diagnosis, to prescribe medication etc. .
We will try our best to connect you to your counsellor within 24 hours or less.
There are four ways for you to communicate with your counsellor or coach. These are by: • Phone conversations • WebEx conversations • Online or Live Chatting (Chatting with your counsellor when both of you are online) • Offline Chatting (exchanging messages when each of you come online at separate times) You can use different ways at different times as you wish, based on your needs, availability, and convenience. All these four methods are included in your membership based on the options you choose
Under your profile, you and counsellor will have a dedicated space to chat. This space is personal and secure. In this area, you may write about yourself, your challenges, the things happening in your life as well as ask questions concerning the things that are bothering you. Your counselor will then go through these messages and respond with queries, feedbacks and insights. These messages to your counsellor can be sent at any time, from anyplace, using any Internet-connected device. It is open 24/7. You will get a notification by email once the counselor has sent you a message or response.
If you wish to have a live text interaction with your counselor, all you need to do is to schedule this session based on a time that is convenient to both of you. And on the agreed time you may log into your account and you will see the counsellor there. "Live" interaction permits instant response and feedback from your counselor while still giving you the privacy and confidentiality you seek.
The phones sessions use a technology called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to connect you to your counsellor. This technology allows you to have a phone conversation but without giving your number. Phone conversation is an effective way to conveniently speak with your counselor by using your cellphone or landline. Please schedule an appointment with your counselor if you choose to have a phone conversation.
Like in the case of the live chat or phone sessions, for the video session also you will need to preschedule an appointment with your counselor first. After this a link will be sent to you. Upon clicking on the link, you and your counsellor can have a face to face chat.
The ability to refer back to previous messages is one of the tremendous messages of text-based counselling. You can login anytime into your account and read all of the messages exchanged between you and the counsellor in a private, secure space. Many clients feel this is very helpful to bring back to memory a previous tip that may have been quite useful but which may now be forgotten for whatsoever reasons.
Depending on the type of challenge you face, your own mental makeup this can vary. While some people find tremendous benefits in a couple of weeks, others use the services for a longer period of time in order to make slow, steady and steady progress.
The services of Saarathi are available for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 Year terms. The services are renewable after the expiry of the above terms. During the selected term you have access to the platform as well as all of the services (offline chat, live chat, live video, live phone counselling). You can avail unlimited off-line sessions and 4 live sessions for each month of service.
The field of online counselling and coaching services is relatively new. However, there is an increasing body of literature based on studies as well as observations about the effectiveness of the online mode as a method of delivering counselling services. Some of the counselors who have been practicing face to face for years have this. The other source of our information on this is feedbacks shared by users of these services who have benefited. You can check out some of the feedbacks here.
Your security is of utmost importance to Saarathi. We ensure your privacy and confidentiality using technology that is internationally proven to safeguard the information you provide. Please find below some of the mechanisms that are built within Saarathi to protect your privacy and confidentiality: • You don’t have to necessarily give your name or details. You can remain anonymous • The counselors sing an agreement with Saarathi to additionally adhere to the principles of confidentiality (in addition to the ethical guidelines they have to follow anyway) • You can choose to click the delete button next to each message that you've sent so it will no longer show in your account. • Saarathi is hosted in a server that offers best-in-class security and protection.
Saarathi doesn’t ask you to give your full name or details. Instead we suggest you use a “nick name" with which the system will identify you.
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